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About PDF.js

pdf.js is a technology demonstrator prototype to explore whether the HTML5 platform is complete enough to faithfully and efficiently render the ISO 32000-1:2008 Portable Document Format (PDF) without native code assistance.

We believed that in building an HTML5-based PDF renderer we would also answer the question of whether the web platform and in particular Canvas and SVG APIs are complete enough to efficiently and faithfully render PDFs. Along the way, we've had to add some new interfaces to the HTML5 canvas element, and figure out how to implement some difficult features of the PDF spec in JavaScript.

pdf.js is not currently part of the Mozilla project, and there is no plan yet to integrate it into Firefox. We will explore that possibility once pdf.js is production ready. Until then we aim to publish a Firefox PDF reader extension powered by pdf.js.

We want pdf.js to be a community-driven and -governed open-source project. We want to use it for Firefox, but we think there are many cool applications for it: We would love to see it embedded in other browsers or web applications. Because it’s written only in standards-compliant web technologies, the code will run in any compliant browser.

pdf.js is licensed under a very liberal 3-clause BSD license and we welcome external contributors. We are looking forward to your ideas or code to make pdf.js better! Take a look at our github and our wiki. Talk to us on IRC in #pdfjs, and sign up for our mailing list.

Andreas Gal and Chris Jones (and the pdf.js team)

Project Team